Eligible Buildings

  • Commercial buildings

  • Industrial buildings

  • Non-profit buildings

  • Agricultural properties

  • Multi-family housing

  • Hospitals

  • Private Schools


State and local government buildings are not eligible for C-PACE.


Eligible Projects

  • Insulation

  • New heating and cooling systems

  • Lighting improvements

  • Solar panels and other on-site renewable energy

  • Water efficient fixtures

  • And more!

Proven Nationwide

  • 37 states and Washington D.C. have passed PACE-enabling legislation.

  • 23 states have active C-PACE programs.

  • 2,059 municipalities across the U.S. have active C-PACE programs.


C-PACE is an innovative energy efficiency financing tool that allow property owners to receive up to 100% upfront financing to make energy efficiency improvements to their building, and then to pay the cost of those upgrades back as an assessment on the property's annual tax bill. 


Unlike traditional financing, C-PACE financing is a lien on the property not a loan to the property owner. Upon sale of the property, the C-PACE assessment transfers to the new owner. The new owner will reap the benefits of energy cost savings, just like the owner before.

Private financing

C-PACE projects are funded with private capital from Montana banks and investor. C-PACE assessments can attract a wide range of private market investors with low interest rates because special assessments place a lien against the property, making them stable, low risk investments. 

What is C-PACE?