C-PACE in Montana 

A true public-private partnership

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State Legislature

The state must first pass C-PACE enabling legislation. The Montana legislature will be considering CPACE-enabling legislation in 2021.

Once active, the Montana Facilities Finance Authority would have an ongoing role in administering the program and providing information for county treasurers to place C-PACE assessments on specific properties.


After enabling legislation is passed, counties decide if they would like to participate in the statewide

C-PACE program administered by the Montana Facility Finance Authority.

Counties have an ongoing role in:

  • Placing the assessment on a C-PACE property.

  • Collecting the assessment with property taxes.

  • Enforcing remedies if unpaid, just like any other delinquent tax.

Program Administrator

The Montana Facilities Finance Authority administers the statewide C-PACE program. Their responsibilities include: 

  • Creating standardized forms and rulemaking.

  • Establishing a list of participating C-PACE lenders and approved contractors.

  • Conducting independent technical analysis of C-PACE projects' projected energy savings.

  • Approving projects for financing.

  • Connecting funders with eligible projects.

  • Remitting payment to C-PACE funders.

Property Owners

Building owners receive a baseline energy audit and chose cost-saving projects. 

With the help of their contractor, building owners submit a C-PACE application to the Montana Facilities Finance Authority.

If approved, the C-PACE program administrator connect the property owner to financing. 

Private Lenders

Private lenders are the primary source of financing for CPACE projects. Check out the list of consenting lenders nationwide.